A new conspiracy targets Sinjar

Once more, it seems the Yezidi-populated area Sinjar is under imminent threat – as it has been for quite a while. Sinjar has become a thorn in Erdogan’s eye, as the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) has been operating there freely. Yet, this time, the threat seems larger than a sole Turkish invasion of PKK-controlled territory.... Continue Reading →

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Iraqi Kurds want American troops at their border as intra-Kurdish tensions escalate

Iraqi-Kurdish president Masrour Barzani asked Washington on Tuesday afternoon to station their troops on the border with Syria after yet another escalation between the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) and the KDP (Kurdish Democratic Party), as reported by al-Monitor. According to the KDP, the Syrian-Kurdish YPG (People's Protection Units) tried to infiltrate their territory. This resulted... Continue Reading →

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The boys of Mariwan

Hedwig KuijpersOriginally published in Dutch. Sirwan Kasrayi (15), Ramyar Kawe (16, mentally handicapped), Aresh Danishwar (17) and Zanyar Enayati (17) went outside on a clear Wednesday night. At a picnic site in the mountains, they were recruited by PJAK. Two of the boys managed to escape, the other two are still missing. Much has been... Continue Reading →

PJAK leader becomes Kobani History Teacher

and other examples of the PKK Shadow Government running ‘Rojava’ The much-praised ‘Rojava’ project in North-East Syria has ridden most of its popularity in the West through their fight against ISIS and their ideology ‘Democratic Confederalism’, that promotes a form of grassroots governing by local people on the ground, structured from neighbourhood ‘communes’, to ‘city... Continue Reading →

Turkey takes Biden for a test-ride

"We may come there overnight, all of a sudden," Turkish president Tayyip Recep Erdogan said on Friday, when asked about a possible upcoming Turkish operation in Sinjar. This is the same phrase he has used before invading North-Syria. "Turkey is always ready to carry out joint operations against the PKK with Iraq but we cannot... Continue Reading →

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